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Why Choose Us

Our Thoughts on Development

Development is the hidden side of the internet. It is what makes your site actually do something other than just show the content. This can be a Content Management System that enables you to update your site without web knowledge; It can also be form processing or movement on the page.

Object Oriented Development (though you may not understand it) is a practice of development that takes more time to make at first. Later as new items need to be added to the site, if done correctly, will be easier to do with an Object Oriented site. Most large companies use Object Oriented Frameworks to run their sites. That's what we build

Flash was a huge hit back in the early 2000's (I even have a large amount of experience developing in Flash, ActionScript 3). The problem is over the years, some devices don't support it. Almost anything done with Flash can now be created with JavaScript and jQuery. Sometimes even more can be done. We specialize in JavaScript and jQuery Development as well. This site only uses this practice to create interactive and animated elements.

And finally, good development utilizes configuration files to make it easier for you or another developer to update. If the code was written correctly, all items that may change should be stored in a configuration file. If you need to change servers for instance, the configuration file(s) should be all you need to ever update to match your new servers credentials and information. This is another practice that we follow.

A Partnership for the Future

Creative Wildcat has partnered with Better Pixels Group.  Better Pixels Group is a Richmond based Web Design/Developement company.  Better Pixels adds seasoned design and additional development ablilities to Creative Wildcat.  It also adds Web Hosting and Domain Name purchaces.  This ensures the best products to our clients.


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