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What We Offer

Full Site Design & Development

Each project is different and each client has different needs.   We offer design services through our seasoned expert as well as dynamic website development using WildcatCMS (our custom content management system) so the limits are your own as a client. 

Resturants are fun!  We offer great pricing as well as Photography for your site and best of all - you can update your menu without the need of a developer whenever you want.

Rates and Prices will vary from project to project. Please Contact Us for an estimate.

*We do not sell domain names or website hosting services. These products must be owned/purchased prior to design and development of your website.  We are in partnership with Better Pixels Group that offers both of these items.

Designer & Developer Assistance

Need an extra hand for a few parts of the site your working on? We can help. We specialize in Content Management Systems and Custom Development. We will be willing to assist your project for a flat fee or hourly rate depending on what needs to be done.

Contact Us for more information

Web Modules

We also offer some pre-made modules for you to download. Visit our modules website at

If you would like us to do more items like these, please feel free to Contact Us and suggest what you would like to see

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